Tourism and business decisions are all about positive psychology.
In-flight media is always inspiring and uplifting.

Moreover, airline passengers, 90% of whom rank among the top 20 in the Global Index of Affluence, represent a coveted audience of global spenders.
Undivided Attention | Studies show that 86% of passengers are an engaged and receptive audience, making them more open to advertising messages.
Higher Brand Recall | Passengers have a 50% higher recall of in-flight content than of conventional television.
Amplified Action | 79% of passengers take action on something they have seen on in-flight media.

Meet our travel media partners

American Airlines is the world’s largest airline, carrying almost 17 million global passengers per month to 350 destinations in 50 countries.

Lufthansa has been named Europe’s best airline and is a recognized brand of quality worldwide.
 It carries over 1.3 million long-haul passengers per month to 200 destinations in 74 countries.

Air France defines refined traveling, as experienced by over 1.3 million passengers on over 5,000 long-haul flights per month.

Iberia flies to 27 long-haul destinations across 4 continents and is the premier European carrier connecting Europe to Latin America.