Sole Studios creates inspiring destination films designed to engage global travelers in a uniquely captive environment.

As an exclusive producer for some of the world’s leading airlines, we are able to reach 20 million plus passengers every month who are flying across the world on airlines recognized for their high quality and reliability. The airlines’ sophisticated in-flight entertainment systems (IFE) are positioned to fill passengers’ rare moments of undivided attention. Each flight offers the opportunity to reach a captive audience of affluent passengers from around the globe.

We produce uplifting feature films that help destinations engage and connect with tourists and investors worldwide. We help affluent global passengers decide on their next tourism or business destination.

What We Do

Learn how we weave our magic.

Film Production

Our seasoned, multilingual team of producers, scriptwriters and film directors come together to create unique films shot with cinematic HD technology. Our turnkey projects include the script, storyboard, casting, filming, original soundtrack, editing and postproduction.

International Broadcasting

We design bespoke media plans, choosing the most desirable platform for each destination film, including airlines IFE and leading international television channels.

Ambient Media

To promote a destination film that is being broadcast on an IFE, we build a relationship with the passenger through innovative strategies that permeate the airline environment at every step of the passenger’s journey: advertising in the airline magazine, on boarding passes; 30’ spots on lounge screens, editorial features in the airline’s digital magazine, etc.

Social Media

To create buzz around an upcoming movie, we implement social media campaigns with dedicated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts to follow the film from its production through its premiere. The promotional content includes compelling teasers, sound bites from interviews, country trivia and exciting making-of highlights.